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# 01 The Wood


Presenting our scent inspired cocktail series created exclusively for Edulge, by award-winning, talented mixologist, Scott Ingram. With one designed for each of our fragrance families, each month we’ll be honouring the Wood, Chypre, Fruit, Citrus, Green, Oriental, Leather, Floral and Aquatic families that house our beautiful fragrances.

In part one above, Scott shows us how to make The Wood. Follow the recipe below to wow your guests at your next dinner party.

The Wood 

Fireside Sazerac



Mixing glass
Bar spoon
Julep strainer
Bruleé torch


Brandy Snifter


25ml Whisky
25ml XO Cognac
10ml PX Sherry
2 dashes Bitters



Place a teaspoon of sandalwood and cedar wood chips on a plate or similar flat heatproof surface and use the bruleé torch to set it alight

Let it burn for a few seconds and then place the glass rim down over it to extinguish the flame and collect the smoke

Add all ingredients to mixing glass and fill with ice and stir gently with a bar spoon

Strain into the smoke filled snifter and enjoy!